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2 years ago

The database that supports the Transportation Management

System (TMS), is a large database holding information relative to Safety,

Congestion, Pavement, Public Transportation, and Bridge management as well as

other strategic functions for MDOT. The system and corresponding database

were built during the 1990’s as a federally mandated development effort.

Federal funds are received to enhance the database and it continues to grow

in content to meet the needs of MDOT. In 2008, an effort was started to build

a common repository for location-enabling assets owned by MDOT. This provided

for the building of geospatial data and encourages the sharing of spatial and

non-spatial data across all system development efforts. This requires some

specialty skills beyond that of a standard Data Architect. The size of the

database and ongoing enhancement activity due requires three staff members to

support the needs of our customer, MDOT. Staff have left state employee

leaving a severe shortage of resources. Fundamentally, the work associated

with this position includes: • Developing an expertise in the data needs of

our customer, MDOT • Database design • Coding for new database objects &

coding to change existing objects • Processing data in proper formats •

Oversight to ensure established standards are followed • Capturing metadata •

Protect the integrity of the database • Facilitate the use of the data


Skills Required

Database Administrator capabilities with 8 or more years

of experience, relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish

goals, performs a variety of complicated tasks, may lead and direct the work

of others, may report directly to a project lead or manager, a wide degree of

creativity and latitude is expected. Coordinates physical changes to computer

data bases; and codes, tests, and implements physical data base, applying

knowledge of data base management system: Designs logical and physical data

bases reviews description of changes to data base design to understand how

changes to be made affect physical data base (how data is stored in terms of

physical characteristics, such as location, amount of space, and access

method). Establishes physical data base parameters. Codes data base

descriptions and specifies identifiers of data base to data base management

system or directs others in coding data base descriptions. Specifies user

access level for each segment of one or more data items, such as insert,

replace, retrieve, or delete data. Specifies which users can access data

bases and what data can be accessed by user. Tests and corrects errors, and

refines changes to data base. Enters code to create production data base.

Selects and enters codes of utility program to monitor data base performance,

such as distribution of records and amount of available memory. Directs

programmers and analysts to make changes to data base management system.

Reviews and corrects programs. Answers user questions. Confers with coworkers

to determine impact of data base changes on other systems and staff cost for

making changes to data base. Modifies data base programs to increase

processing performance, referred to as performance tuning. Workers typically

specialize in one or more types of data base management systems. May train

users. Database Administrator capabilities with 1-7 years of experience,

relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, performs a

variety of complicated tasks, may lead and direct the work of others, may

report directly to a project lead or manager, a wide degree of creativity and

latitude is expected.

Skills Preferred

Experience Required

The candidate must meet the basic qualifications of 8 or

more years of generic IT experience as defined for a Sr Database

Administrator. In addition, this position requires a concentration in

database design, data transformation, writing geospatial queries, physical

database modifications, writing stored procedures and other duties relating

to Data Administration. Each senior candidate will score between 1 and the

maximum possible for each category. Points will be determined from review of

the experience section NOT from the “Summary of Skills” area of a resume or

application. a. More than 7 years experience developing conceptual, logical

and physical data models (using data modeling software) including the

facilitation of modeling sessions b. 5 years experience writing complex SQL

statements including spatial queries using Oracle’s SDO_Geometry data type.

c. More than 7 years experience with Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data

Manipulation Language (DML) to physically change the database d. 5 years experience

performing the function of extract-transform-load (ETL) using an automated

tool e. 5 years experience using Oracle system utilities and DBMS packages to

minimally generate dynamic SQL f. 3 years experience writing database stored

procedures and functions using PL/SQL

Experience Preferred

Additional skills that are considered highly desirable

(but not required) and may be used to supplement close scoring and assist in

making a final selection are: Oracle Spatial Network and/or Topology Model

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & geodatabases Business Objects –

Universe Definition Data Administration and Governance Object-Relational

mapping TOAD software Dimensional database design