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The GM Warranty Engineer is responsible for will be lead for the effective execution of Tenneco’s core warranty management processes, i.e. claim data analysis, debit management, contract review, part return analysis and lessons learned implementation, for its GM business accounts. This Ride Performance role will lead cross-functional team members in the effective and timely execution of these core processes to reduce and eliminate customer warranty claims. Additionally, the person will be the subject matter expert for GM warranty and will be the source of associated knowledge for the company.

  • Warranty Management Compliance to AIAG’s CQI-14.

  • Support the auditing and development of initiatives for satisfactory compliance and continual improvement of CQI -14 requirements.

  • Warranty Claim Data Management

  • In conjunction with the global warranty data analytics team, the GM warranty engineer will ensure the acquisition, analysis and management of GM warranty claim data. This includes:

  • Analyzing warranty data on a regular basis to identify contributors to warranty claims

  • Establish and lead reviews with cross-functional team members to address findings from claim data analysis.

  • Manage resulting items to timely closure and statistically validate the effectiveness of countermeasures.

  • Prepare analyzes and report outs as necessary for internal and customer consumption.

  • Warranty Debit Management

  • Be the lead GM contact for warranty debits.

  • Obtain, screen and provide disposition of warranty debits.

  • Be the lead in resolving debit discrepancies.

  • Communicate pending debits to appropriate parties (accounting, quality, plant management).

  • Reconcile debits on a monthly basis for accuracy.

  • Track and cross reference debits against claim and part analysis for accuracy and correct liability.

  • Warranty Parts Return Analysis

  • In conjunction with engineering part analysis, manage the processing of warranty part returns.

  • Manage and coordinate with pertinent internal and external contacts the retrieval of warranty parts from the field or at customer locations.

  • Ensure parts are analyzed in a timely manner and facilitate and/or expedient the analysis process when needed.

  • Establish and lead reviews with cross-functional team members to address findings from analyzes.

  • Manage resulting items to timely closure and statistically validate countermeasures.

  • Prepare analyzes and report outs as necessary for internal and customer consumption.

  • Warranty Contract Review

  • Be a core team member in the contractual review process for warranty terms and conditions.

  • Prepare and present knowledge of existing ‘like’ programs and/or findings from problem solving efforts to assist in the disposition of proposed customer warranty terms and conditions.

  • Warranty Lessons Learned Implementation

  • Be the lead in distributing and ensuring read across is conducted once lessons learned are available from problem solving efforts.

  • Manage and ensure lessons are captured in controlled documents, e.g., control plans, FMEAs (Design and Process), operator instructions, design guidelines, etc.

  • Participate in design reviews for all pertinent programs and provide pertinent insight and lessons learned from a warranty perspective.

  • Customer & Industry Warranty Knowledge

  • Be the subject matter expert for the assigned customer base and continually update skills via available customer training.

  • Pursue industrial and other sources of knowledge (e.g., academic) to continually increase skill and knowledge base.

Required Experience

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Engineering disciplines

  • Minimum of 3 years of work experience in an automotive warranty role, preferably as a supplier to GM.

  • Note: Non-warranty and recent college graduates may be given consideration depending on experiences, educational background, aptitude and potential for success.

Professional Certifications: OESA warranty council member, ASQ certifications: Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) and Six Sigma (SSGB/SSBB), SSGB/SSBB certification from reputable source.

Quality Functional Competencies

Warranty Leadership:Warranty Leadership is the knowledge of customer warranty management systems and support practices. This competency includes the ability to efficiently and effectively assess warranty performance, and use metrics to drive continual improvements.

Leadership: The acting of leading others toward a defined goal. This competency is necessary to align cross-functional team members toward the effective and timely completion of actionable items.

Data Science and Business Analytics:

The skills and expertise necessary to navigate the process of transforming data into insight for making soundbusiness decisions.

Advance Quality Tools & Statistical Techniques: The knowledge of a wide range of problem solving tools and methods, including statistics, combined with the ability to select and apply them to test hypotheses, model performance, make data based decisions and lucidly convey findings for a given target audience.

Effective Problem Solving: This competency is tied to the systematic and validated identification of root causes, and corresponding countermeasures. Additionally, a critical element of this competency is the application of double loop learning which aims to not only identify a solution for the preceding causal state, but to also analyze and address the systemic conditions leading to that causal state. Finally, effective problem requires that solutions have adequate controls to ensure sustainability, and that they are cascaded to relevant parts of the business for prevention occurrence.

External / Customer Requirements:The competency of knowledge, practice and application of the Product / Process and Quality System standards of the International Certification Bodies, Industry specific Regulatory Authorities and Customers contractually specified Quality and Warranty Requirements.

Industry Warranty Practices, Trends & Information: This competency is tied to the engagement of the warranty Industry and being in-tune with the pulse of current practices, existing and future trends and latest information.

Inspection & Testing:The ability to use proven tools, techniques, and methodologies to inspect and cross reference products to corresponding prints and their associated requirements, measure process performance, perform product verification and validation testing, and to provide feedback reporting as required. This competency is utilized within the framework of the measurement, analysis and improvement aspects of the quality management system.

Product/Process Quality Planning (APQP): Product/Process Quality Planning (Advanced Quality Planning; AQP) is the ability to strategically define the Critical to Quality elements of a product/process, and the knowledge to effectively analyze, assess and mitigate the risks associated with any potential failures.

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Northville, Michigan, United States

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